Team Pink are the team of the Executive Officers and Assistants who are responsible for the running and development of the National Student Scout and Guide Organisation.

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Adele Upton

What I've done
  • Event Postponement: I’m not going to lie, the beginning of my role on Exec was pretty sad. Having the new Exec’s first interaction with the event committees be about postponing their events was less than ideal. Thankfully, after a lot of discussions, we managed to provisionally rearrange the events that needed immediate attention. As a result of postponing events, a lot of my role has involved supporting the events in their efforts to plan during such an uncertain time.
  • Policies and Charity Status: I’ve focused my spare time on working on policies with the rest of the Exec. Originally the Exec went over some policies together to update them, however, I have now delegated them between us to increase the rate at which these policies are updated. In addition to this I have been working on my knowledge on SSAGO’s favourite subject, our charity status.
  • Online Task Manager for Team Pink: I’ve also worked on improving Team Pinks communication to get tasks done. I worked with Oli on an online task manager, which will help us keep track of tasks, set deadlines, update on progress and allow each member to set and view anyone's tasks.
  • Coronavirus Guidance: Along with the rest of the Exec, we worked on and are continuing to work on Coronavirus Guidance for SSAGO from Scouting and Guiding. I am also working through all of your risk assessments so keep them coming!
  • Under 18s, SASU and the USA: Other things I have achieved include writing a fact sheet on under 18s in SSAGO, attending a meeting with the UK Scout Training SASU (Scout Active Support Unit), and most excitingly, I’ve been working with students to create something similar to SSAGO in the USA!
What I'm working on
  • Buddy system: Set up a buddy system with Amy to help connect new clubs and indies with nearby established clubs/indies.
  • Event Knowledge: Continue working on fact sheets with Anthoney to help with event knowledge.
  • Improve communication between Exec and SSAGO: Provide more frequent updates either by use of my Exec Facebook page or creating more blog posts.
  • SSAGO Sustainability project: I’m hoping to get this up and running as it is something I’m very interested in. My provisional thoughts are setting this up as a discord server to share ideas and get people interested.
  • Policies: Continue to work with the rest of Exec to get as many policies updated before November Reps.

Last updated 07/09/2020, 10:20

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Brittany Long

What I've done
  • Minutes: All minutes are up to date and online.
  • Emails: A large part of what I do is keeping track of all emails and requests the Exec receive and making sure the rest of the Exec complete their to-do lists! As far as I am aware everything has been/is currently being handled. If there is anything which you are waiting for from the Exec, shoot me an email and I will sort it.
  • Full Membership Survey: Written and published the Full Membership Survey at the beginning of August. The results of this will be published in September.
  • Policy Updates: Helped organise the review of the SSAGO policy documents. Have been working on the Exec Role descriptions and the Data Protection Policy.
  • Records Management: Worked with Larah and Oli to improve SSAGO's records management on the Google Drive. I've also been working on the resources section, working to make all items about reps available in the same place!
What I'm working on
  • Guiding and Scouting Relations: Organising a meeting with the organisations, and compiling a thorough list of everything SSAGO clubs do for Guiding and Scouting.
  • Knowledge base: Recruiting help to begin writing articles and updating factsheets to go on Oli's knowledge base when it is ready.
  • SSAGO Guarantees: Coming up with a better system to ensure Exec promises in Reps don’t get forgotten about.
  • Full Membership Survey report: Produce a report on the results of the Full Membership Survey highlighting any changes from 2017 and the key changes the Exec intend to make going forward.
  • Policy Updates: Continue to work with the rest of the Exec to update the policy documents.

Last updated 29/08/2020, 20:03

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Madeleine Brett

What I've done
  • Helped with the postponement and cancellation of events: I supported City of steel ball with refunds and witan with a hardship fund
  • Lloyds account access: supported ollie in gaining access to the Lloyds account to be able to set up a card for use online by the shop and webmaster
  • Virtual spending: overseen the virtual spending each month with spending set to reduce as students go back to university
  • Ssago pride project: I have been recruiting people who are interested in running the pride project and have added a LGBTQ+ channel to discord to help with this
  • Policies and charity status: I have updated information currently held on the google drive about becoming a charity and contributed to the ongoing policy updates
What I'm working on
  • List of what has and hasn’t been approved for the dev fund: make it easy for club to see what has been accepted and also what has been rejected and why.
  • Set up accounting software to help with accounts: continue preparation for SSAGO to become a charity
  • Update the rally budget form and write a clear and easy guide to rally finance to help rally committees
  • Add another bank account for the shop to easily keep track of spending and profit
  • Produce more statistics and fun visual aids for finances so it’s easier for people to see what ssago spends its money on

Last updated 06/09/2020, 22:16

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Reuben Cone

What I've done
  • Social Media: We’ve had posts introducing the new Exec, some bits from the Archive, some #Onthisday posts, some promotion for our National Events and other online activities, World Cup Ofs and so much more.
  • SSAGO Supports: I spent a lot of time creating new fancy looking web pages for the summer’s SSAGO Support events and then subsequently took them all down *sigh*. Nevertheless we instead got involved in the Virtual Gilwell 24 activities. Thanks to the great work of some SSAGO members we ran a 30 minute pub quiz.
  • SSAGO Awards: I worked hard on bringing the new Committee Colander award together back in January and wanted to see it through to the project's end so we ran the 2020 SSAGO Awards as a replacement for Steel Ball.
  • Policy Updates: I am currently working on the reworked Awards policy, updating the Mascot Kidnapping Policy and eventually will do the Branding and Publicity Policy.
What I'm working on
  • Publicity Materials: Following on from Spring Reps I will be updating the resources section of the website for clubs to purchase their own publicity materials.
  • Fun Social Media: I will be trying to create a sense of National togetherness on Social Media, with small activities related to clubs and mascots for people to do.
  • Policy Updates: I will continue to push the policy updates that I’ve started through as well as move on to new ones.
  • Bagdes:If there is any movement on the technical side of the badge system then I will research further into how this can operate.
  • Online Promotion: Continue with SSAGO promotion over the Freshers period.

Last updated 31/08/2020, 18:24

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Amy Franklin

What I've done
  • Virtual SSAGO: enjoyed the Discord whilst in lockdown including the Get Active channel and Random Acts of Kindness. Also, taking part in Virtual Witan providing a campfire song and attending the opening/closing ceremonies
  • Regions: ensured active Facebook groups were set up for each of the regions and connected them to the National SSAGO page to ensure they don't get lost in transition. Also, connecting the groups to the website to make them easier to find and more accessible to new members
  • New clubs: set up clubs at Royal Holloway, Huddersfield, Universities of Highlands and Islands and Greenwich and the Kent universities. More new clubs in the pipeline so keep your eyes peeled!
  • Indies: worked alongside the Indie rep to ensure Indie members are kept up to date with everything SSAGO and helped keep the Indie Membership records up to date
  • General Queries: helped with queries/problems on a National and club level basis particularly to do with the Coronavirus. Also, helped connect local Guiding/Scouting with their relevant clubs/Indies
What I'm working on
  • Indie/Associate Rep Elections: working with Oli and current reps to run to fill these positions and ensure a smooth handover
  • Potential New Clubs: continue communicating with potential new clubs and help make connections between Indies and universities interested in setting up clubs
  • Buddy System: the original plan was to set up a buddy system for National Events (balls/rallies) however as this is up in the air the plan is to work with Adele (Chair) to set up a buddy system to connect new clubs with nearby established clubs and connect Indies with other members in their area
  • Help with any issues with “Virtual Freshers”: for most universities it appears freshers will be virtual this year and with this will come new challenges so I will work with clubs struggling with recruitment or any other issues related to running virtually

Last updated 06/09/2020, 16:47

The Assistants

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Joe Barnes

What I've done
  • The last year has been a whirlwind for me, but I have now moved house and there is plenty of room to keep all the SSAGO shop organised and running more efficiently.
  • I've sourced swatch cards for every necker supplier I could find, and I'm working with Oli to make sure we can get the best quality, closest colour match for when the shop is restocked - I can’t wait to get that job ticked off and have hundreds of neckers in stock for everyone who’s asking for them!
  • After being unable to run the shop myself at the last Rally, all the stock was put into storage in our Guild of Students for me to collect... then everything shut down and I haven't been able to access it yet! Sadly, that means that this last term has been a pretty quiet one for me - but that will all change soon!
What I'm working on
  • Completing existing orders: There is a backlog of nearly 100 orders in the Shop that need either extra items sending out, or are waiting for new stock to arrive before I can complete the order - so thank you for being patient - my first job as soon as I am able is to get those orders completed and reopen the shop once again!
  • Reopening the Shop: As soon as I regain access to Liverpool Guild of Students, I will perform a full stock check and reorder anything we need so the shop will be back full of merch soon.
  • Neckers: National neckers that properly match the old ones, will be available when the shop re-opens. I personally can’t wait because it has taken so long to get a match that people will be happy with...
  • POS Efficiency: I'm working with Oli to make the electronic Shop system work more efficiently for us, including being able to use it as a more integrated till at Rally, which will make stock control much easier for me.
  • New stock: We have ideas for new items to add to the shop, watch this space! As always, if you have any suggestions for things you’d like to see in the shop, or questions about orders or anything I can do for your event or club, get in touch at

Last updated 04/09/2020, 12:10

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Larah Korrison

What I've done
  • Records management in Google Drive
  • Promoting the archive through Discord
  • Spoken to past members of SSAGO
  • Launched the SSAGO memories project
  • Witan history video
  • Necker project progression
  • Virtual archives badge
What I'm working on
  • Archiving SSAGO's activities during lockdown: work with channel owners to capture stories and photos so that we can remember what we did through the Coronavirus lockdown
  • Records management: Work with the secretary to implement a records management system so that it is easier to organise and find important records
  • Finding a new SSAGO archivist: Keep a look out for further comms about this

Last updated 06/09/2020, 17:42

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Oliver Bills

What I've done
  • Virtual SSAGO: Setting up the Virtual SSAGO infrastructure, including the SSAGO Discord and Virtual SSAGO section of the website
  • Virtual SSAGO Events: Supporting and running various virtual SSAGO events, from Easter Egg Hunts to Jackbox evenings to helping members run their own events, such as St. Georges Day and Quizzes
  • Virtual SSAGO Activities: Get Active, SSAGO Musical, Jackbox, Scavenger Hunts, Bakeoff
  • Web Team: Rebuilding the SSAGO web team and working with them to develop the SSAGO website, activities and infrastructure further
  • Badges at Home: Setting up the SSAGO Badges at Home programme, along with online badge challenges and events
  • SSAGO Minecraft: Supporting setting up the SSAGO Minecraft Server, linking to SSAGO and launching Minecraft Mondays
  • Supporting Clubs Virtually: Supporting clubs virtually with virtual infrastructure, such as Zoom, Discord, online Elections and AGMs and similar functionality
  • Team Pink: Working to make more parts of the Team Pink system easy to use for the new Exec
What I'm working on
  • Web Team: Continuing to work to develop the SSAGO web team to support the SSAGO website and growing virtual systems
  • Archive: Continuing to work with Larah to launch more of the Archive parts of the website online
  • Virtual SSAGO: More Virtual SSAGO activities, events, infrastructure and helping clubs make use of what SSAGO can provide
  • Virtual Badges: Continue to support virtual events and Badges at home with Virtual Badges on the website and the launch of the virtual camp blanket
  • Exciting Plans: Continue to work with Reuben on some very exciting plans to come!

Last updated 31/08/2020, 21:10

Events Officer

Anthoney Gathercole

What I've done
  • Back in February when times were not so bleak, I read through the feedback from past rallies in the hope of implementing some of the comments and improvements suggested. However, these comments do not fall on deaf ears and as part of my role it is to listen to members who attend these events to find out what they love about them and find ways to improve them. Thank you to all who participate in the event feedback forms they really do help me and the exec to bring you better events.
  • There are events in the past that have had bars and some events in the future have been in contact about the possibility of having a bar at their event. The National Exec and myself have been in contact with these event committees regarding the issues that may arise from having a bar at a rally and I am confident that the appropriate measures have been put in place for bars to be present at these events.
  • It is disappointing really that I have helped cancel or postpone every event since taking up position in February. I remain confident that we will get back to having events again in the near future how soon though remains to be seen. In light of not being able to meet face to face the virtual world has taken off as late. Thank you to everyone within SSAGO who has led an event online and keeping everyone together, there has been so many of you running events it is impossible to name you all.
  • SSAGO does not cancel events, or at least it didn’t. It is very rare that an event has been cancelled within SSAGO so the very thought of a cancellation fact-sheet wouldn’t even have been a reality this time last year. When we had the unfortunate task of cancelling events it occurred to us that cancelling an event is as time consuming as making one and therefore I am currently producing a document on how to do so should help if the situation happens again in the future.
What I'm working on
  • What I have done:
  • - Reacting to feedback from past events
  • - Worked with event committees on the running of events (then cancelling some of them)
  • - Worked with event committees about the possibilities of having a bar at rallies
  • - I have helped postpone or cancel every SSAGO event since taking up my role
  • - Currently developing a fact-sheet on how to cancel an event

Last updated 07/09/2020, 08:05